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A few years ago, I was still working as an employee at a corporation. I was married and had just started a new sales role as a Partner Account Manager for an IT organization. It was ok, but in 2019 everything started to fall apart. 

Looking back, I consider myself very fortunate that things turned out the way they did. I stopped running through life and started wondering if this was how I wanted to live — not the life my parents, colleagues, and society wanted me to live. 

My marriage ended. Looking around in my office, I saw people getting old (both metaphorically and physically). For some, having such a planned future in front of their eyes might have been a good idea. Not for me, though. 

How did it all start?

I could not imagine getting old while coming to the same office every day and doing the same thing. Advancing in top management meant the same thing but with a better salary and more responsibility. 

Deep in my soul, I believed that life was meant to be different. We did not come to this world to spend 80% of our day between four walls in an office or a cubicle. I refused to believe that. 

So, I decided to change something about my life. I started this blog, and I wrote an article every weekend for one year. It was a surprise to discover how much I liked writing and sharing my travel experiences. 

I’d never had a massive talent for writing in school. 

Even so, it filled my heart with joy and gave my travels a higher purpose. 

Then, in 2020, the pandemic hit. Because of an unfortunate situation, I ended up having spine surgery. This left me with severe mobility issues, making my dream seem even more inaccessible. 

At that moment, I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer to live my dream. 

I had some savings, so I decided to quit my job. So, I started freelancing as a junior content writer and marketer.

For 3 years, I put all my energy into my physical recovery and learning these 2 new skills.

At the end of 2023, I finally felt that I had completely recovered from my injury and was ready to travel as a digital nomad. 

Also, my copywriting and marketing skills have reached a certain maturity. I was no longer a beginner but ready to take the next step.

Along the way, I realized how my previous sales and business development knowledge beautifully intertwined with my copywriting skills. 

So, I specialized and became a conversion copywriter. I also enrolled in Copy School classes from CopyHackers to get an official certification in this area.

I’ve always liked to work strategically, no matter what I did. And what better way to do this than to take a strategic approach to every project I took? This transformed me from a medium-level content writer into one whose work is based on KPIs and results. 

I built my area of expertise around email marketing, social media (including social media strategies), and landing pages. 

My love for travel gave me the courage to leave Romania at the end of 2023 with my partner. He is “guilty” of all the video content on the Calling for the Wild YouTube channel.

We started a digital nomad adventure while driving around Europe in our car, discovering new destinations at each step. And working remotely, of course. We spent several months in each location, enjoying nature and different cultures at our own pace.

You can follow our journey here on the blog and social media channels. 

If you wish to collaborate with me, check the “Work with me” section on the blog or message me at ana@callingforthewild.com. 


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