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Discover amazing accommodations with Flatio: the renting platform for digital nomads

When I first started traveling and working abroad as a digital nomad, finding proper accommodation was one of my biggest challenges. I scrolled endlessly through various options on Airbnb or Booking, trying to find price-friendly accommodations that offered good comfort and a good working area: a desk, comfortable chair, and good wi-fi. 

If you have tried the digital nomad lifestyle before, you might know that all of the above are not so easy to find. Especially if you are like me and like slow, sustainable travel. I travel with my partner, and we like to stay at least one month in a place to fully experience the local culture, get to know the people, and not just tick off some landmarks on our list.

When I saw “dedicated workspace” on Airbnb, I usually discovered kitchen tables and bar stools that would break my back after a few days of working. I was pretty disappointed with the options I found there. 

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What is Flatio?

But not long ago, I discovered Flatio. Flatio is a renting platform for digital nomads and remote workers. The accommodations you’ll find on the platform are for every budget, and you can rent for any period starting with a minimum of 5 days. For most properties, you don’t have to pay a deposit, which can be a great benefit when you think of medium- to long-term renting contracts.

The Flatio story started in 2016. After the pandemic, the company began to focus on digital nomads because of the increasing number of remote workers. 

Flatio is currently active in over 300 destinations, mainly in Europe. However, it will expand to other regions in the future. 

Why is Flatio so different from the other rental platforms?

You might wonder: “And what’s so different about this rental platform?” First, being so focused on people who work remotely, you can rapidly filter the suitable accommodations for remote work after their nomad-verified badge. Additionally, all the properties listed on Flatio are carefully selected. Only fully equipped properties with wi-fi can be listed on the platform. Pretty cool!

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Apart from that, there are other neat benefits that you will have access to by renting from Flatio:

  • Rent with peace of mind. On Flatio, both you and the landlord have to sign a leasing contract, which is available in multiple languages. It is a balanced, legally binding, and visa-friendly agreement that can be used as proof of address if necessary.
  • Check in without worries because you have your safety net for moving-in issues.  I remember thinking of so many different scenarios in my head each time the moment approached for me to change location and my accommodation. What if the apartment is not as it was in the pictures? What if it’s not clean and I can’t stay in it? What if things are missing from what they described online? Sure, I could make a refund request and leave, but how will I find something else available so quickly? Where will I stay until I find another solution? You do not need to worry about all these questions if you use Flatio. This is because you benefit from a Move-In Guarantee with a 24/7 emergency line that you can call. You can read more about it here. You also benefit from 100% money protection. 
  • Don’t block your money in deposits and find budget-friendly accommodations. You can rent everything from private rooms to entire houses and you don’t pay a deposit for stays less than 180 days (unless the local laws in the area require otherwise). Also, remember that all utility bills are included in your monthly rent. 
  • Don’t stress if your plans change. Having a flexible partner like Flatio beside you is essential in those cases. You can benefit from flexible termination of your contract. Whether you wish to extend your stay or move in or out earlier/later than initially agreed, it can be done under certain conditions. You can read more about that here.
  • Need to see more than a few pictures of your next accommodation before deciding to rent? I know I always do! With Flatio, this is entirely possible. Before finalizing the lease agreement, you can visit the place in person, and virtual tours are available for some properties. 

Apart from all the above, you benefit from the standard features of a renting platform: you’ll be able to see past reviews of the landlords and communicate with them to address your every question before signing the agreement. 

What do clients say about the experience?

Here are some reviews from clients who have used the platform and what they have to say about it:

Good mid-term accommodation offers 

“Easy to use, safe and reliable service.. if you look for mid-term accomodation, check Flatio, they offer nice selection of flats and houses.”– Radim Tuček, CZ

I’ve been using Flatio for now 1 year…

“I’ve been using Flatio for now 1 year and can gladly say that their services is great and serious. Communication is fast and efficient.” – Denise Camara, CA

I gave them 4 stars because I think it…

“I gave them 4 stars because I think it is time to invest in covering more areas (cities). What does this mean? Approach guests from other platforms and offer better deals, discounts. Your service is very good but it can be much better since your advantage over other similar platforms is that you offer mid to long term rentals.” – Myra, UK


Looking back at all my accommodations since I left Romania in December 2023, I can see that my life would have been much easier if I’d known about Flatio. 

The inconveniences I see in using Flatio at this moment: it covers only Europe, which can limit your options, and you still have to access the platform through a browser. An app would make things much smoother. 

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