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Enjoy a weekend in the countryside at “Ferma Dacilor”!

I never thought that I could find such a beautiful place as Ferma Dacilor so close to Bucharest.

I usually avoid crowded places, and wherever I go, I search for unique gems that allow me to enjoy my trip peacefully. This is why I chose to make my short trip to Ferma Dacilor during the week. 🙂

My initial thought was to work remotely from there. I hardly knew that the beauty of the landscape, the peaceful surroundings, and good food would make that a difficult task for me.

How to get there?

Ferma Dacilor is situated somewhere between Ploiesti and Buzau, two cities located in the south-east part of Romania. If you come from Bucharest, it will take you only 1h30min to get there, on the A3 highway. Then you take the national road 100B until Fulga de Jos, afterward the national road 100C until Mizil and finally 100H until you will see a sign heading to the farm. If you are coming from Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, for example, it will take longer, around 6h30min.

The rooms

I haven’t visited all the available rooms in the complex. But I can surely say that I was impressed by the cleanliness and fresh air in the room when I entered it on a Wednesday afternoon. The location of my room was in the main building. It was perfect for me because it was on the ground floor, and there was also an internet connection available.

“Ferma dacilor” (“The Dacians’ ranch”) is a 40 hectares touristic complex, which offers different accommodation types and has a restaurant with a terrace available for guests. I will get into more details regarding the food in the next section. This aspect deserves a complete chapter of its own. 😁

The restaurant
The interior of the restaurant

The types of available accommodations:

  • The main building: 15 rooms on the ground floor and 7 rooms on the first floor
  • 4 wooden suspended cottages: lovely appearance, and they also have their own terrace.

The total capacity of the farm is 55 persons.

Interesting fact: When he started the business, the owner of this complex wanted to build an actual farm. Unfortunately, one night foxes ate all his fowls, and so he lost his initial investment. After this incident, he decided to transform the whole place into a tourist complex, and you can see today the final result.

The food:

I reserved a separate section for the food you will find at Ferma Dacilor. The first thing you should be aware of is that the food you will eat there is made with love and fresh, natural ingredients produced at the farm. Starting with the meat, milk, and ending with jam or vegetables, everything is produced there.

Moreover, you can order these natural products directly from their website by accessing the shop section. You can check them out here.

The menu doesn’t have a lot of products, and I believe that is a good thing. Most of the meals are cooked and consumed on the same day.

The price of the room included breakfast. It was a buffet. The experience was one of a kind. 😍 The buffet was inside the building, all tourists wore masks, taking into account the COVID-19 situation. Then, after taking the food on my plate, I went outside on the terrace to eat. Half asleep, while I was pouring milk in my coffee, I instantly sensed that fresh warm milk aroma through my mask. Oh, how well I knew that smell! It came back to my memory straight away, from when I was a kid. My family received milk in glass bottles every morning, and it had the same smell. It is a massive difference between that milk and the processed ones we find today in boxes in the supermarket.

So I went on the terrace, enjoyed the chilly morning, admired the surroundings, the colorful flowers, cleared my mind, and tasted my Latte sitting on a rocking chair. 😊

Horse grazes in the Farm's yard
My morning view

One thing I would advise you to do, though, before ordering the food at lunch or dinner: make sure you ask how long it takes them to prepare it and bring it to you. Sometimes it can take longer for some dishes. It happened to me, causing me to be late for my visit to one of the wineries in the area, Budureasca. Lucky for me, the sommelier was very kind and waited for me to take the tour.

Activities you can do in the area

The Mizil region is famous for producing local Romanian Wine. There is also the Wine Road concept. The road is around 58 km in Prahova county and goes through the following towns: Mizil, Tohani, Ceptura, Urlați, Jercălăi, Valea Călugărească, Vărbila, Bucov, Seciu, Boldești-Scăeni, Zamfira, Plopeni, Băicoi, Florești și Filipeștii de Pădure. The whole region is situated on the same latitude as the Bordeaux region in France. (the 45th parallel north).

Visiting the local wineries and having a wine tasting trip would be on the top of the activities list if you ask me.
Then, if you like to experience paragliding, you can do so by announcing the location in advance and see if they can arrange this for you.
You can also try horse riding at the farm, in the small circus, during the weekends.

Circus for horse riding in the farm's yard
Circus for horse riding in the farm’s yard

You can also explore the surrounding hills hiking or on a bicycle. The natural landscape is generous, and you will never have enough admiring the scenery.

You can read more information about all the available activities in the area on the Ferma Dacilor website.

Final thoughts

I really liked my short trip to Ferma Dacilor. As I said, I like to avoid crowds. It is why I would choose to visit again in the week time.

It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a peaceful environment, and recharge. And even to work remotely, why not? The location is ideal for families with children, couples, or solo traveling. You will find a suitable activity no matter the case.

View from the yard

Here are some of my thoughts after this visit:

  • Several people, including the owner of the place, approached me and asked how they could improve their services. Where is that pain point? What are the things that I think can be improved? I believe this to be a professional approach that will allow them to grow in time. Listening to the customers and their feedback, especially on what can be improved, is one of the most beneficial things for a business.
  • The personnel is smiling and very friendly. After leaving, I stopped on my way to a local restaurant, to have a fast lunch. They’ve probably had a bad day, the POS terminal didn’t work, and therefore they only accepted cash payment. But the personnel seemed so angry that I almost felt bad for sitting at the table and wanting to order. I just wanted to leave that place as soon as possible. The difference in attitude is enormous, and so was my experience as a guest! It can make a customer want to come back. Or not. Regardless of the quality of the products being served.
  • Everything was immaculate, and the personnel was wearing masks every time they served me at my table. Also, the guests were wearing masks in the interior of the buildings.
  • I felt at home. I never had the feeling that I was in a touristic complex, more like visiting my relatives from the countryside. It’s a great deal to feel so welcome.
  • The food. Nothing to add more; just read the dedicated paragraph. Thank God I only stayed for a few days; otherwise, I would have returned home so fat!😅

Have you ever visited Ferma Dacilor? I would love to know how your experience was, so feel free to share it in a comment in the section below.


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