PurpleVague: Where luxury meets nature in the heart of Romanian wilderness

I felt so drained after an entire week full of work and meetings that I didn’t even realize how the 2 hours of driving had passed since I left Bucharest. That Saturday morning, my brain was still in “work mode” and overthinking all the tasks I’d left unfinished the day before. Once I arrived in front of the big, wooden gate, I suddenly realized that I was about to discover this new premium accommodation almost ready to receive its guests right in the heart of nature. Then, all of my thoughts related to work melted away. I felt prepared to finally start my weekend, leaving all my stress behind for these 2 days. 

I’m not a big fan of popular locations that attract mass tourism. So this is why I was so excited to discover Bădeni village, near Runcu, between Brașov and Bucharest. It is much less popular than Bran or Prahova Valley, offering some pristine natural beauty without traffic jams and civilization noise. 

How to get there

This area is only accessible by car. It’s a 2-hour drive from Bucharest and a 1.5-hour drive from Pitești. Driving from Bucharest, on DN 71, you take the first road left in Fieni, just after the Heidelberg Factory. Then, once you enter Bădeni village, you’ll see the wooden gates on your right side. 

If you come from Sibiu, you should expect around 4-4.5 hours drive. Using Google Maps or Waze, you should arrive at the location smoothly.   

The time on the road from Bucharest went by pretty fast. Still, I was annoyed by the unexpected traffic I faced until I exited the city. I parked my car and entered through the big gates, where a gravel pathway and a wooden arcade welcomed me. Everything was carefully arranged in the small garden that unfolded right before my eyes: green bushes of spices, lavender, and pink roses welcomed me. 

The place is perfect for taking a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. It looked like the physical manifestation of that quiet, peaceful place I imagined when trying to unwind. 

PurpleVague is deeply connected with the original place where it was built. Situated next to the Leaota Mountains, where you can find the fantastic rhododendron fields, its name is an expression of luxury but also of a unique connection with nature. I was about to discover how these two organic merging would create such a memorable experience.

PurpleVague – the beautiful story of giving a new life to a long-lasting heritage.

Later that day, I was about to learn the entire story of the place: the buildings in the central area existed there for generations. PurpleVague is a family business, and it was built on the land that belonged to the owners’ parents and grandparents. Their families lived here. And when they decided to make this premium accommodation in the same spot, they restored everything they could from the old houses. In a fast-forward world, creating a new business while protecting your family legacy is a rare but beautiful thing to do.  

View of the old barn
The main building – the restored, old barn

The building where the relaxation room, dining room, and kitchen are located is the old, restored barn. Everything you see today at the new PurpleVague resort was built with help from the local artisans where possible. For example, the fireplace from the main building was constructed manually in just a few days by one of the local artisans after looking briefly at the architectural plans.  

The relaxation area and fireplace
The relaxation area and fireplace

After listening to this place’s story, I thought it was wrong to consider PurpleVague a new accommodation. It is, in fact, a new life that was given to a place with so much history behind it.

The standard rooms – a story of comfort and simplicity

I stayed in one of the two standard rooms at the resort’s entrance, next to the relaxation and dining areas, Purple Viola.

Surprisingly, I found my room much more comfortable and cozy than I imagined for countryside accommodation—even a premium one. 

I noticed the care and attention to detail that the owners invested in creating this idyllic place. That night, I had the most resting sleep in ages. Everything was so comfy, from the mattress to the sheets and pillows. And the covers felt like a gentle caress over me. 

It was a warm October day, so it was pretty hot inside the room. I slept with my window open, looking at the bright stars and moon outside. PurpleVague is not only a premium accommodation but a premium experience, as it will spoil all your senses. 

The Orchard – Autumn’s Juiciest Treasures

The large orchard full of apple, pear, and plum trees bewildered me. The trees were not treated with any chemical solution, so their fruits were 100% natural. I was curious to have a taste, and despite their imperfect form, they were so sweet and savory! Their imperfections reminded me of my grandparents’ house and the fruits I used to eat there as a child right from the trees I climbed so skillfully.

I was curious to see the bungalows and ventured through the trees outside the orchard area.  

After a short stroll on a sloped gravel path, I encountered a small forest patch and a vast meadow with only a few trees here and there. Only a small wooden fence divides the land plots here. But in this place, I didn’t feel like I was in a village anymore. I saw no houses, gardens, or people, only green rolling hills, tall trees, and Leaota mountains in the distance. Here are the 4 bungalows, a bonfire place, and the sauna. 

The view was absolutely breathtaking. I felt like sitting on a rock, taking a deep breath in, and with it, the entire view surrounding me, which I did for a while. It felt like time stood still, and my busy mind, so loud and worried a few hours ago, became quiet, in awe in front of all this beauty. This was what I needed to disconnect from the big city life.

The bonfire area

The bungalows – Relaxation Havens with a View

Each bungalow has these gigantic windows, its own terrace with a jacuzzi, and a fantastic view. I can only imagine what it’s like to immerse myself in the hot water early in the morning while the sunrise mist embraces the forest. There are only 4 bungalows in the area. It was just me and nature up here. Each season must bring its own flavor, so there is no perfect time to have this experience. Even when it rains, I imagine it must feel wonderful laying in the jacuzzi and feeling the raindrops on your face and shoulders. The bungalows are not yet ready to receive their guests, but something tells me it would be worth the wait.


Coming from a big-city busy life into this beautiful, relaxing oasis helped me reconnect to my body and senses. I instantly remembered that the essential things in life are moments like these next to your loved one. 

One Cannot Think, Love, or Sleep Well if One Has Not Dined Well

If there are two things I cannot say “No” to in this lifetime, they are good food and travel. When I arrived at PurpleVague, I was recovering after a random gastrointestinal infection I got a week earlier. I was still eating rice and boiled meat. But I have to tell you, when I saw the mouthwatering food dishes on the PurpleVague menu, I could not care less about the consequences of giving up too early on my dietary regime.

I won’t describe every dish I tasted; I’m just dropping some photos for you here. Everything was delicious, a fine dining experience in a tiny countryside village surrounded by wilderness. What a treat! Also, all the ingredients used are natural and produced locally.

After spending two days here, I returned home completely revitalized. I didn’t know how much I needed this experience. 

PurpleVague is not just a countryside luxury accommodation; it is a five-star experience that will surely leave its future guests in awe and wanting to return.

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