Entrance to the Ialomita monastery and cave

Welcome to Ialomita Cave, one of the most well-known caves in Romania

Ialomita Cave lies on the right side of Ialomita Gorges, in Moroieni, Dambovita county. It is situated in Bucegi National Park at 1530 m altitude, and it is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained caves that I have visited so far.  The ancient Monastery that lies just at the cave entrance creates a spiritual, mysterious atmosphere.

Whenever I go on holiday, I love to have my moment of solitude. This way, I sense how the place makes me feel and if I am inspired to come back again or not. If you take a moment and pay close attention to the things surrounding you, you will find there is so much happening in nature, even in the most silent and still moment.

winter mountain road on a sunny day

The morning walk

I took the road that was heading to the Ialomita Cave. I didn’t know how long it was going to take me to arrive, but at least I could admire the views and enjoy the fresh air. Everything around was frozen, including parts of the river I had to cross. Nevertheless, you could hear the whisper of the river flowing through the ice and hitting the rocks.

mountain river on a winter day
Mountain river

There was also a small wooden bridge on my way. Everything looked so untouched and silent, it was still early, and tourists were not yet out. You could also sense the smell of burnt wood from the cabins next to the road. I love this smell. It reminds me of my childhood holidays.

wooden bridge over mountain river

A dog came across my path, wagging his tail and asking for affection. Then I saw this big gate on the road and realized I was just a few hundred meters away from the Cave, so I decided to go and visit it.

Entrance gate to Ialomita Monastery and Ialomita Cave
Entrance gate to Ialomita Monastery and Ialomita Cave
Road from the entrance to the Monastery and Cave
Road from the entrance to the Monastery and Cave

Visiting Ialomita Cave

I had a pleasant surprise once I arrived and entered the Ialomita Cave. The area is very well organized for tourists, and I must say it took me by surprise. The Cave was modernized through a European funding project. The entrance ticket to visit the Cave costs 2,10 EUR (10 RON) for adults and 1.05 EUR (5 RON) for students and pensioners. Once you enter, you can put on a helmet for protection while going to the narrow areas where the ceiling is low.

View inside Ialomita Cave

If you have claustrophobia, it is probably not the best idea to go inside. There are very narrow areas that can give you some strange feelings. The interior of the Cave is beautiful. Lights are all over the place so that every visitor can admire the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites. There are also video cameras, so it is safe to visit alone. There is also a river flowing through the Cave and a little waterfall.

View inside Ialomita Cave Romania
View inside Ialomita Cave Romania
waterfall inside Ialomita Cave Romania

The stairs have handrails all over the route so you can hold on and not fall. In some areas, I found the steps to be extremely narrow. It was more difficult to descend than to go up those stairs. Either way, the route is easy, and you can find several informative placards with captivating information about the Cave and the history of this region.

One of the most curious halls is “Bear Cave.” When archaeologists discovered this hall, they also found bones and entire skeletons that came from the Cave Bear. “Ursus Spelacus Blum” lived in the area, and 10.000 years ago, they were hiding in these caves.

The route ends in a place called “The Sanctuary.” The forms of stalactites and their position make you think of a Sanctuary, therefore the name of the area.

Other than that, I found it fascinating to enter this underground mysterious world and to admire its beauty. It is a whole different universe than the one you see outside, and we are all used to.

Facts and Figures

The tour takes about 30-40 minutes. I was lucky and few people were visiting when I went, so it took me around 35 minutes in total. The Cave is about 480 meters long and has a slope of 60 meters.

Right at the entrance of the Cave, you can see The Ialomita Monastery. This Monastery was built in the VXI century by Mihnea cel Rau, prince of Wallachia. The Monastery had burned three times since then. Each time it was rebuilt so that today we can still enjoy its presence at the entrance in the Ialomita Cave.

The Ialomita Monastery
Ialomita Monastery, at the entrace in the cave

Visiting Schedule: the Ialomita Cave is open for visiting daily from 8.00 AM until 4.00 PM until the end of April 2021. Usually during the summer tourists can visit it from 8 AM until 9 PM.

You will also find a small shop and a rock exposition outside the entrance. Also, tourists have access to a restroom nearby.

How to get to Ialomita Cave

I went there on foot because I was staying nearby. This is the road I took:

Road from Padina mountain cabin to Ialomita Cave

You can also get there by car: Bucharest – Sinaia – Cuibul Dorului Mountain Cabin – Bolboci – Padina – Pestera Ialomiei

Road from Bucharest to Ialomita Cave by car

Or even by train: Bucharest – Busteni train station– Busteni cable car– Babele – Pestera cable car.

Here you can find the schedule, prices, and contact details from the cable car in Busteni and Babele.

Have you visited Ialomita Cave recently? Don’t be shy and share your experience in a comment below. 🙂

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